Dogs are ​only in their room or den for 2-3 hours broken apart throughout the day out of a 14 hour day for naps and meal time. 

Our Awesome Indoor Play Area


Located 1/2 east of Strathmore (free taxi)


Our website is being redesigned, please fill out the word document below to book your dog with us and we will ensure we have space.

Also look forward to an exciting new website by Feb 1st 2017.

Please send your completed form to

7am - Rise & Shine & Good Morning outside potty and play-time

7:30 - Breakfast

8:00 - Off leash dog walk/play group

9:30 - Nap time

11:30 - 5:30 Off leash walk/play-groups

5:30 - Dinner time

6:00 - Off leash walk/play-groups

9:00 - Good night bed and biscuit

 We have the longest day of any other facility 14 hours in total!!

Doggie Dens   $45 per day

All Inclusive

Pick-up & Drop-off Taxi Service

8-10 Hours of Exercise Every Day

Multiple Off Leash Walks

Socialization Playgroups

Bath & Nails Done Before Going Home

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Luxury Dog Suites   $60 per day

2-4 Hours of Off Leash Walks in our huge fenced in Dog Park

Now is the best time to submit any suggestions or ideas for both our new website and our dog boarding resort please let us know what we can do to make this boarding facility better than the best!

Example: "Put in a dog splash park!" (working on it!!)